Creative Spirits Yoga - Addie deHilster, E-RYT-500

Addie's Public Class Schedule

I am the Co-Owner of Spiral Path Yoga Center in La Crescenta, where I teach all of my public group yoga classes. 

Keep in mind that I also teach private yoga sessions in my home yoga space in Sierra Madre!


10:00am - Self-Massage & Somatic Movement

8:15am - Morning Meditation
9:00am - Stretch & Strengthen Yoga 
10:30am - Gentle/Yin

6:00pm - Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation 

6:00pm - Yin Yoga


3115 Foothill Blvd, Suite F
La Crescenta, CA 91214

Class Descriptions:

  • Self-Massage & Somatic Movement – This class combines therapy ball massage work with gentle somatic movement exercises that are designed to re-teach your brain and nervous system to release problematic holding patterns throughout the body. Self-Massage is also an effective way to heighten your awareness of the body so that you can learn to be more fully present in your physical form. The somatic movements are gentle enough for anyone, including those with injuries, and they complement the therapy ball work by developing improved motor control over your muscles.
  • Stretch & Strengthen - This class uses Hatha Yoga to balance the body in a satisfying, well-rounded practice that may include therapeutic/structural yoga techniques, active yoga poses, restorative poses, and breath work. Props are used to support the student and help to alleviate physical imbalances or limitations, allowing students to experience the wonderful integrity of proper alignment.  You will learn more about your own body, posture habits, your weak and/or tight spots, and how to practice with sophistication so that the yoga poses truly serve your health and wellbeing. All-Levels class appropriate for beginners and seasoned yogis.
  • Yin Yoga - Yin Yoga consists of seated and reclining poses that are held passively for 3-7 minutes at a time. These poses are designed to stimulate your body’s natural energy system – called Chi by the Taoists and Prana by the ancient yogis of India. Yin Yoga is like acupressure that you perform on yourself through stretching along the energetic meridians.  This style is a wonderful complement to a more active (Yang) yoga practice, as it provides the balance of stillness. Yin Yoga is also extremely helpful for anyone suffering from low energy or stress, as it literally recharges your batteries and brings harmony to the body and mind. Holding the poses for several minutes at a time also presents the opportunity to begin exploring meditation, or to bring your existing contemplative practice into your yoga. 
  • Gentle/Yin Yoga - This class is a combination of gentle active stretches to release tension and increase mobility, along with the longer, passive stretches of Yin Yoga. The Yin poses will help to regulate the body’s natural energy system, working with the meridian system, as in acupressure or Chinese Medicine.  We start by loosening up with some light movement, then we progress to the more meditative Yin poses in the second half of class, bringing the mind to focus on the breath and physical sensations.
  • Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation - In Mindfulness Yoga, we do the physical asana practice in a way that brings the development of mindfulness to the foreground. Our practice also serves to prepare the practitioner – in body, mind, heart, and energy – for formal meditation. Classes will be suitable for all levels of practitioner, and from week-to-week will explore different combinations of gentle yoga, mindful movements, active standing poses, Yin Yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), and walking meditation. 15-20 minutes of formal seated meditation will be included in each class. (Chairs are available for those unable to sit on the floor.) This practice is a great fit for yogis interested in adding meditation to their practice in an accessible way, and also for meditators seeking a more embodied contemplative experience.

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