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Yin Yoga Teacher Training 
with Addie deHilster

Yin Yoga is a unique combination of Indian Yoga, Taoist practices, and Mindfulness Meditation.  The body gradually releases its habitual holding as the poses are held passively for several minutes at a time, affecting the nervous system, the body’s connective tissues, and its energetic pathways, like a form of self-acupressure. Concentration, mindfulness, and receptivity are cultivated in the poses, making Yin Yoga a wonderful introduction to meditation. 

Guiding the Practice of Yin Yoga: Foundations (Level 1): 
You will learn about the anatomy of the body’s soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia), the energetic system (chi, prana, meridians), how to incorporate meditation, and of course, the major poses of Yin Yoga.  We will cover how poses can be adapted for less flexible bodies or injuries, and how to practice safely without over-stretching. Therapeutic applications of Yin Yoga will be explored, including how to design classes that address ailments and energy imbalances through the meridians.

Elemental Yin: Weaving Together Strands of Science, Practice, and Nature (Level 2): 
This training delves more deeply into balancing energy with pranayama,integrating mindfulness meditation techniques with yoga, and learning how the meridians and 5 Elements can help us live (and teach!) in harmony with the seasons. You will add to your repertoire of Yin Yoga poses, and also refine your class design and sequencing skills. We’ll also cover the neuroscience of mindfulness, the biomechanical and neurophysiological science behind stretching, skeletal variation, and the latest research on fascia. Pre-requisite: Level 1 or equivalent Yin Yoga training (equivalency determined on a case-by-case basis, please contact Addie to discuss).

Addie deHilster (E-RYT 500) has studied Yin Yoga in Vancouver, BC with renowned teacher, Bernie Clark, as well as in workshops and retreats with Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers, the primary founders of this style of yoga. She continued her studies in the Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation training program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, in which Yin Yoga was included as an embodied meditation practice. Having earned her 500-hour credential in the therapeutic Yapana Yoga style taught by Leeann Carey, Addie brings a therapeutic perspective to the practice of Yin Yoga. She leads Yin Yoga teacher trainings regionally, as well as the 200-hour teacher training program at Spiral Path Yoga Center in Los Angeles.

These trainings are open to current and aspiring yoga teachers, as well as enthusiastic students who wish to spend the weekend immersed in all things Yin!

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Upcoming 2016 Yin Yoga Training Dates

Las Vegas trainings at 
Vegas Hot:

Level 1 - June 3-5
Level 2 - July 15-17

Vegas Training: Registration for each level here!

Los Angeles trainings at 
Spiral Path Yoga Center:

Level 1 - September 23-25
Level 2 - December 2-4

LA Training: Registration for each level here!

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