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Yoga One-on-One

What is 1-on-1 therapeutic yoga?
This is a private yoga practice that allows the teacher to completely tailor the yoga to your needs.  You will learn more about your own body and how yoga can help address your concerns than you would in a group class.  There is more of a dialog between teacher and student in a one-on-one session, so both of you receive continuous feedback that enhances the experience. 

Therapeutic yoga techniques will be applied to assess your physical condition and to encourage balance and healing.  Many useful therapeutic techniques, such as hands-on teacher-assisted stretches are not practical for group classes, but a one-on-one session makes it possible to use these tools.  

Who is this private practice designed for?
Many people can benefit from one-on-one yoga sessions with Addie.  She has worked with: athletes with injuries, people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and conditions such as MS, older beginners with health concerns, people who worry they can't keep up with a general group yoga class, people suffering from occasional to chronic back pain, joint issues such as arthritis or bursitis, repetitive stress injuries, people who are facing unhealthy levels of stress, and those who simply can't fit group yoga classes into their schedules.  

How does it work?
The one-on-one work begins even before your first session.  Prior to meeting, you'll talk with Addie to give her an idea of what your needs are and what you're hoping to gain from your yoga sessions.  She will have you fill out a questionnaire that will help her build a customized class plan for you.  At your first session together, Addie will spend some time guiding you through some basic poses so that she can watch and make observations.  As she assesses your movement, she can begin to refine the therapeutic yoga approach that will prove most beneficial for you.  You may practice familiar yoga poses, use a number of yoga props, experience hands-on help or teacher-assisted stretches, explore somatic movements, practice self-massage with therapy balls, and engage in breathwork or meditation.  Practice sessions are usually an hour, and they always end with relaxation.  You'll leave feeling stronger and more refreshed!

Where is this offered?
One-on-one yoga sessions are offered at Addie's peaceful home yoga room in Sierra Madre.  Sessions at Addie's location provide a distraction-free yoga environment with a view of the mountains from your mat.  In certain cases, she may travel to you (however, the cost per session is a little higher due to mileage and the effort of transporting yoga props).  

Please email or call for more information and to schedule your first one-on-one yoga session:

626-86Y-OGA0 (626-869-6420)

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